About RTCA

RTCA is the Master Association for the Reston Town Center District.

The Association provides services and benefits to property owners in RTCA, the Reston community, and the Northern Virginia area.

Its mission is to maintain a vibrant and viable downtown for the benefit of residents, employees, and visitors. Town Center was designed and is being developed according to the principles of what is now called smart growth and new urbanism: high-density; compact; mixed use; and transit-oriented with parks and open space adjacent to downtown. A major part of the RTCA mission is to support a variety of public arts, social, and civic events.

Who is on the nine-member Board of Directors of RTCA?
Nine members are elected to represent the three categories of property owners: office (4 members), urban core (3 members) and residents (2 members).

When was RTCA incorporated?

What does RTCA do for the community?

  • Transportation information (LINK)
  • Design Review
  • Support for cultural and arts events
  • Sponsors and/or provides facilities for many community-wide events
  • Maintains stormwater management facilities
  • Reston Urban Core Association (RUCA), the commercial property association within the RTCA District, is responsible for maintenance of streets and parks in the commercial area of Reston Town Center.

How many people are on the RTCA staff and what do they do?
Executive Director – Robert Goudie
Transportation and Administrative Assistant – Hollen Kimmel